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Unitron Kft.






The Unitron Producer and Commercial Ltd came into being in 1991, but the professional skill goes back until 1984. It has been working successfully for more than 15 years.

Producting of plastic packing instruments is the main activity of the firm. Their products can be found all sufrace of life, among their chief users such as the industry of cosmetics, pharmacentical, household, chemical, constuction and food too.

At the moment they are working with 20 pople: 4 emloyees and 16 workers in two shifts with nine own injection moulding machines.

There are two own vans for transporting their products to the costumers. If there is a demand, they would attach a label to the products, would manufacture patents and would ralize self-adhesive label for products produced by them. They manufacture jars, boxes with or without guarantee locks, flacons and wide range of closing elements.

The prosper is typical of Unitron, including development, enlargement and modernizing. The leadership of the Ltd is opened for application of every new and efficient methods and they are endeavouring unbroken to hold their competitvness.



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